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Team Discraft's Marty Peters

Marty Peters / Team Discraft NAME: Marty Peters
HOMETOWN: Woodhaven, MI
PDGA #: 10219
BORN: 1971
day gig: Boilermaker
Strength: Marty Peters has what is commonly referred to as a "cannon." He can throw a country mile, and probably has more long-distance aces than any other player in the world.
Marty's Disc Golf Tips
How many discs are in your bag? My rule of thumb is: the newer, the fewer. That is, a brand new player should start with one disc and learn to make it do anything you want. Then learn a second, complimentary disc. And so on. Too many discs in the bag will leave you with too much the think about for shot selection. Simplify your bag until you have mastered what's there.
Marty's Video Clinic

Discraft Pro Clinic: More Distance Now

Marty Peters / Team Discraft
V. A. Barrie
St. Thomas, ON
Flip City
Shelby, MI
Albion, MI
Kensington Toboggan
Milford, MI
Oak Grove
Pasadena, CA
In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
Z Nuke
(max wt)
I use this disc forehand and backhand. I like this disc because i flattens and holds the hyzer for me.
Z Crank
(max wt)
I use this disc backhand. This is a high speed disc. i like it because it flattens out and has a very nice glide. i use this disc for bombing hyzers or too turn it over and ride.
Z Force
(max wt)
I use this disc forehand and backhand. This is one of my most stable discs. When I have a shot that i dont want to turnover I use this disc. It fits well in my hand and is very predictable disc.
X Force
(max wt)
I use this disc both forehand and backhand. It glides alot father then the Z plastic. It's good for long hyzers that tail hard at the end.
ESP Pulse
(max wt)
I love this disc. This is my forehand control disc. For tight fairways this is my first choice. It flattens with ease and does not tail hard at the end.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
Z Buzzz SS
(max weight)
I use this disc backhand. If I have a tight fairway 380 and in I use this disc. You can release this disc on a hyzer it will flatten and ride. It's slower than a driver so its easier to control.
X Wasp
(max weight)
I use this disc backhand. This disc is stable for me. I like it for s shots and for longer stable throws when a driver might be too fast.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
Soft Challenger
(max weight)
The Soft Challenger feels good in my hands. I use it frequently for sidearm approach shots, also for driving and putting. The Challenger is number one in my bag.
ESP Zone
(max weight)
I use this disc backhand and forehand. I like this disc because its real stable and slow. This is a very predictable disc, it's very slow which helps in alot of applications.

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