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Team Discraft's Nate Doss

Disc Golf World Champion Nathan Doss / Team Discraft NAME: Nathan Doss  
TEAM: World Champion
PDGA #: 11794
BORN: 1985
CONNECT:       NateDoss.com
day gig: Professional Disc Golfer
disc Cred:
  • 3X Disc Golf World Champion: 2011, 2007, 2005
  • 3rd, 2014 Pro Worlds
  • 1st, 2011 Players Cup
  • 1st, 2011 Viberam NT
  • 1st, 2011 KCWO NT
  • 1st, 2010 BHMO NT
  • Ranked #1 in the world, 2012, 11, 09
  • 2008 United States Champion
  • 1st, 09 Green Cntry Open NT
  • 1st, 09 MN Majestic NT
  • 1st, 09 Glass Blown Open
  • 2nd, 2008 Pro Worlds
  • 1st, 2008 Golden State Classic
  • 08 World Disc Games Champ
  • 2007 PDGA Tour Champion
  • 2nd, 2007 Players Cup
  • 3rd, 2007 USDGC
  • 2nd, 2006 Pro Worlds
  • 1st, 07 Beaver State Fling NT
  • 1st, 2007 Canadian Open NT
  • 1999 PDGA Jr World Champ
  • 2015 Memorial Ace - ESPN SportsCenter Top 10

    2011 Disc Golf World Championships Final Putt and Post Interview
    2007 Disc Golf World Championships Final Nine Highlight Reel
    Watch highlights from Nate's 2007 World Championship title run.

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    Nate Doss In The Bag: The Video
    Nate's most memorable disc golf moment
    The 2011 World Championships in Santa Cruz would take the cake... Not only was it my third Worlds Title but it was in my hometown.
    Nate's Disc Golf Tips
    Nate Doss 3X Ti Buzzz

    Nate Doss 3X Ti Buzzz
    available now at preferred retailers.
    Practice is the most important part of my game. I have a full time job and go to class at night so its hard to find time to play rounds at the course, but I never forget to practice. I always find 20 or 30 minutes to get out into the backyard or the field at school to putt or throw. Even thought its not a lot of time it still gives me the chance to work on things. I can practice a whole array shots and not just the same old shot I would get at the course. Don't forget to practice, it will pay off.

    Disc selection is also an important step in moving forward with your game. It is so important to pick the proper discs for your bag because you don't want to be out on the course and not have what you need. The most important key in to not carry a million discs, I mean learn to make your disc do what you want. I don't carry very many discs but I do have a large array of shots. I work with my discs a lot and learn to make then do what I want. This is important because you keep it simple. When you step to a tee you see the shot and know the single disc that will be the one instead of have to pick from many. Keep it simple!!!

    I see a lot of new players trying stuff that they are not ready for. As a new player you need to let the game come to you and allow your mind and body to grow so that you can become one of the best players in the world. If you want to be a good player in this game you need to practice! I don't mean playing your local course every day, but going to an open field and practicing different shots and going to your back yard and putting. Then you can take that practice to the course and be more confident with each shot that you throw.

    Nathan Doss / Team Discraft The off season can mean many different things for many different people, but for me its a time to rejuvenate my mind and body. I like to let go of things, forget about last season, and enjoy my time away from the tour. Disc golf is a very demanding game physically, but more mentally. Your mind needs a break! I don't think about what disc to throw, what angle, nothing. The discs go into the closet and don't come out for awhile! You might be thinking this sounds crazy, but it necessary for me to stay sane and strong. Do yourself a favor even if it's for two weeks in the winter put the discs away and forget disc golf, it will make you want the game even more, and when you come back you're ready!
    Nate Doss / Team Discraft
    Course Comments
    Winthrop Gold
    Rock Hill, SC
    The best disc golf venue!
    Nasu Highlands
    Tochigi, Japan
    The host of the best event in the world: Japan Open!!
    De LaVeaga
    Santa Cruz, CA
    My home course and simply my favorite place to have fun and play disc golf.
    Milo Mciver State Park
    Estacada, OR
    The home of the Beaver State Fling. One word... AMAZING!!
    Hobart, Tasmania
    The only permanent 18 hole disc golf course in Australia. Situated on a mountain in sleepy Tasmania, it is one of the most beautiful courses on the planet.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Doss Ti, ESP and Z Force
    (max weight)
    My go-to driver. I use Force for my long distance stable shots (over 400ft). As far as distance goes, the Force is between a Pred and a Nuke. While it is not as stable as my Predators, it goes much farther. While it doesn't go as far as my Nuke, I can throw it more accurately.
    Nate Doss Ti NUKE
    (max weight)
    The Nuke has quickly become one of the farthest flying disc on the market, as well as in my bag. I use this disc for my long distance field shots where accuracy is not the most necessary. In an open shot this disc is perfect to add distance because it is so fast.
    Z Predator
    (max weight)
    The Z Predator is the most stable disc in my line up of drivers because I continually replace it with a brand new one. I use it on all big power hyzer shots so it is necessary that it keeps the same stability so I can rely on what it will do every time.
    ESP Pulse
    (max weight)
    Pulse is more of a utility disc because I only use it on occasion. I use it for my straight controlled drives. Its in between Surge and Force. It flies a long way but its less stable than the Force but more stable than the Surge. Has become a great sidearm disc for me too.
    X XL
    (max weight)
    I bought this disc at the 1999 Amateur World Championships, where I won my first World title in the Juniors division. This XL is extremely beat up because it has been a staple in my bag since 1999. These days, I use this disc exclusively for rollers, backhand or sidearm.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Nate Doss Ti Buzzz
    (177 gm)
    Titanium Buzzz is perfect for straight midrange shots. The one thing I love about the Buzzz is how straight it flies brand-new and there no break-in time needed.
    Ti Drone
    (max weight)
    Drone is my main stable midrange disc. A similar disc to the Wasp in Z plastic, the Drone gives me the stability and reliability I am looking for. I would throw the Drone when I need a stable disc or it is windy for shots 250-300 feet.
    Z Hawk
    (173 - 175)
    This has been a great disc in my bag for years. It's great for any shot that I might need. My Hawk will get the most use on a shorter course for very, very accurate shots. I've learned to control this disc in any way that I want and have been very happy with the results that I get from it.
    Z Wasp
    (178 gms)
    Z-Wasp is a recently new addition to my bag. In addition to my Drone, I use the Wasp for stable midrange shots up to 300-350 feet. I would throw the Wasp over the Drone if I wanted a bit more distance. I like the durability of the Z plastic and its predictability of being stable in the wind.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Challenger
    (max weight)
    I use this disc as my main putter, and for a lot of short midrange shots. I carry two for putting and one for upshots or drives when needed. Very useful disc at slow speeds and you can even use it off the tee on those shorter holes.
    Ti Challenger
    (max weight)
    This addition has added a more durable, more overstable putter to my bag. Its great for use off the tee and in short control situations. I would compare it to a Z-Challenger or Cryztal Z Challenger.

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