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ESP Pulse™

Inspired by heart-pounding ace runs, the Pulse™ is a fast, overstable driver. Designed as the perfect forehand disc for the average player, or as a predictable long driver for bigger arms with more snap. Feed your need for speed... try the Pulse™.

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Available in: ESP

"I love to air out a Pulse and get myself into position to grab some sick deuces and a stroke on the field. I use it for forehand shots between 475 to 610 feet with a lot of open air. "
-Geoff Bennett

Geoff Bennett
Robbie Bratten

"The Pulse is a freak, with tons of action. It's super fast with lots of glide and super overstable. One that's beat in just a little bit is perfect! Like a Predator that's faster with more glide!"
-Robbie Bratten

"If you like the Surge but your power makes it flip a little too much for you, then this is the disc that will harness your power to its fullest potential."
-Scott Papa

Scott Papa

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