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Team Discraft's Grant Brittain

Grant Brittain / Team Discraft disc golf pro NAME: Grant Brittain  
HOMETOWN: Pinellas Park FL
PDGA #: 61851
day gig: Gymnastics Instructor
memorable moment: Winning my last advanced tourney back in 2014. I won by one stoke on the last hole! "
In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
Big Z Nuke This is my go to long range driver! I love this for pure distance and great control. I have a big range of Nukes in my bag, from hyzer flip to very stable molds. I carry up to 5 Nukes in my bag.
Titanium and Z Force This is my meat hook. These are some of the most consistent discs ever made. Great headwind disc and get used for low flex shot, skip shot and big long hyzers. I carry up to three Forces in my bag. Always good to have back ups for your go to discs!
Z Avenger This is my straight long range driver. I can really crank on the and they go straight for days. I carry two, one for long straight shots that come back strong and one nice and beat in for the same shot but finishes to the right. These for my fly from 350 to 400 feet.
Z Avenger SS This is strictly my roller disc. Great for long rollers. I put it on different angles for short or long range rollers. I can get this to roll from 300 - 500 feet.
Z Predator I use this as my over stable fairway driver. Perfect glide and over stable combo. Pure hyzer disc. I carry up to 3 of these ranging in all stabilities.
Z FLX Heat I like this disc for my straight to turnover fairway drivers. I like the Z Flex plastic, I find it to be a slight bit more stable. I use this for tight shots that I need more distance than a Buzzz on. I carry two. .
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
Z Buzzz WOW! Best Disc on the planet! This is my straight to stable midrange. I use this for all types of shots. Turn over, straight, and pure hyzer. They go from 200-400 feet i like my Buzzz max weight. I like to carry up to four Buzzzes in my bag ranging in all stabilities.
Z Buzzz OS This disc is my over stable midrange. Very reliable thrower always going left! Also a great headwind disc. I use it for low flex shots up to 320 feet and big hyzers up to 300 feet. I carry two of theses. ne brand new and i have one fairly beat in for more glide.
ESP Meteor This is my longer Comet. I use this for long hyzer flips or big high turn overs. This is classified as a midrange but they go far on the right angle. Also great for wooded straight shots with less power.
Z Comet This is one of my favorite discs to warm up with. Out the box under stable midrange. Great flyer for pure turn over shots ranging from 250-350 ft. I carry just one in my bag but it gets a lot of usage!
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
D Challenger I use these for upshots and off the tee. I would say from 100 to 280 ft. Very stable throwing putter and I love it in the Pro D plastic so it beats in nice. I like to carry two. One that is fairly new and a nice beat in one to get that extra glide but still have a late fade. Very reliable putter!
D Focus These are my putting putters. They come out of my hand great and love the slight stability they have. I like to keep 2 of theses in my bag.
Course Comments
Cliff Stevens Park
Clearwater, FL
My home course
Picnic Island Park
Tampa, FL
Very scenic and i hold the course record (-13)
Estero Park
Estero Park, FL
Very challenging. Long and always windy.
Maple Hill
Leicester, MA
Very wooded and demands a lot of types of shots.
Cypress Point Park
Tampa, FL
Par 66 and right on the beach, all round great course.

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