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Team Discraft's Trevor Harbolt

Trevor Harbolt / Team Discraft disc golf pro NAME: Trevor Harbolt  
HOMETOWN: Rineyville, KY
PDGA #: 26860
BORN: 1984
day gig: Delivery driver
  • 1st, 2015 Madisonville Open A tier
  • 1st, 2015 Nats Halloween XXXII
  • 1st, 2014 Fling a Thing Pro-Am Doubles
  • Memorable disc golf moments
    Winning the Madisonville Open was one of my shining moments and most memorable for me. But, learning, playing and having fun as a kid with my dad on the disc golf course is probably my favorite memories playing disc golf. Trying new courses, learning the game and discs together was a joy in my life.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    ESP Pulse
    (173-174 gm)
    My Pulse is my utility go-to driver. I'm so comfortable with this disc and the way it feels in my hand. I use it for shots around 320-350 feet that are straight and fly left at the end. I can turn my Pulse over, use it for straight tunnel shots and use it or slight hyzers. Newer Pulses are a tad more overstable than most discs, but once they get beat in they are so predictable and consistent. I call my go-to Pulse my money disc. It's been in my bag since 2006 and has helped me win a good amount of money over 9 years.
    Z Predator
    (174 gm)
    Another utility disc that I use for different situations and one I can't go without. If I'm throwing a thumber or tomahawk, I use my Z Predator. Hyzer skip shots, short 300 foot hyzers, sidearm shots and a disc I use to get out of trouble. It's so predictable but not a distance disc for me. I use it for special shots and wind shots. If there is a wind my Z Predator is in my hand.
    Big Z Crank
    (174 gm)
    The Crank has brought me more joy than any other disc in my bag. I use the Crank for distance hyzer flip shots. I get a max distance with the Crank at around 540 feet. Taking speed off the Crank makes it a little more stable and can be used for long straight tunnel shots. I love hearing people reactions when I crush my Big Z Crank and watch it fly super far.
    Z Force
    (173-174 gm)
    If there is a 400 foot hyzer, I throw my Z Force every time. This disc has brought many birdies and helped me play solid in many events. I truly feel without my Z Force I would shoot 4 strokes worse every round. The Z Force is consistent in the wind and very reliable. I can throw the Z Force in many different situations. Long hyzer in my way. It's okay my Z Force will take care of it.
    Z Glo NUKE
    (174 gm)
    Another distance disc in my bag. But more stable than my Crank. I can throw my Z Nuke with a lot of anhyzer and I know at the end of the flight it's gonna come out of the anhyzer and fade left. I like the Z Nuke for long S shots to get the most flight. If there is a tailwind, I throw the Z Nuke with hyzer and it keeps the line. Truly the most predictable distance disc on the planet.
    (174 gm)
    Super fast and super overstable. The Nuke OS will always go left. Always. I know what it's gonna do every time I throw it. I love throwing skip shots with my Nuke OS. If I have room for a big sidearm, I would throw my Nuke OS. It's overstable enough to handle a lot of snap and it will always come back. Perfect disc for headwinds.
    Z Glide
    (173 gm)
    I will never take this disc out of my bag: with 6 aces on this disc, it's my chain magnet. If I have a shot that needs to go right. I throw my Glide. Short turnovers, slight turnovers and rollers is where I use my Glide the most. I don't have to put much on the Glide and it will stay straight. I honestly have fun when I throw my Glide. I can throw it at different speeds and it does different things. Very controllable.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    (178 gm)
    The best disc on the planet and the love of my life. The most consistent mid range disc on the market. I can do anything that is possibly needed with my Z Buzzz. Straight shots, hyzers, turnovers, sidearm and even putt with it. I can't count how many times my Z Buzzz has gotten me out of trouble or gotten birdies for me. It's perfect for slow control shots. You can make the Z Buzzz do what you want it to. Shots from 200-320 feet off the tee I'm throwing a Z Buzzz 90 percent of the time.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    X Soft Challenger
    (171-175 gm)
    Putts are how you score. I trust the Challenger in my hand more than any other disc in my bag to make sure I do score. It's comfortable and releases real easy out of my hand. I love using my Challengers for up shots within 120 feet. They are easy to control, float through the air and lay on the ground soft. Challengers hold their line on the putt. I like to hzyer putt and the Challenger rarely strays off course. Being Soft Challengers when they hits the chains the bounce back isn't as bad and the chains catch the disc instead of spitting it out.
    ESP Zone
    (172-175 gm)
    Think Z Predator but throwing half the distance. Perfect for controlled hyzers around 120-175 feet. Overstable mid-range that can be used for short flick shots as well. Another consistent and predictable disc the ESP Zone will go left at the end of the flight. It's perfect for the wind and can be used for two finger rollers I'm bad situations.
    Course Comments
    Freeman Lake Park
    Elizabethtown, KY
    My home course. My teacher. My 2nd home. It's a beautiful course that plays around a gorgeous lake.
    McNaughton Park
    Peoria, IL
    McNasty. It lives up to the name. A challenging course that will test every shot in your bag. One of my favorite back 9's in disc golf.
    Prides Creek DGC
    Petersburg, IN
    An absolute gem in southern Indiana. Water comes into play a lot with beautiful shots on almost every teepad. One of the best manicured disc golf courses I've played on.
    Emporia Country Club
    Emporia, KS
    Long shots with OB on every hole. True golf course. Gorgeous holes and the best finishing hole in disc golf. Island green. 330 feet. All over water.
    Madisonville City Park
    Madisonville, KY
    Beautiful piece of property with picturesque shots around a beautiful lake. Long wooded shots and not to mention WiFi on the course!

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