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Team Discraft's Tim George Beno

George Beno / Team Discraft NAME: George Beno  
HOMETOWN: Highland, MI
BORN: 1984
PDGA #: 49225
day gig: Asset Manager GM Milford Proving Grounds
  • 10 wins in pro rookie season (2015)
    Course Comments
    Milford, MI
    One of the most challenging courses in the world and it is in my back yard.
    Blue Ribbon Pines
    East Bethel, MN
    This is an extremely challenging and meticulously maintained course, not to mention an awesome facility
    Flip City
    Shelby, MI
    This course has been one of my favorites sense the first time I saw it, truly a great track!
    Ludington, MI
    This course will challenge every shot you have and forces you to play smart.
    Black Locust
    Milford, MI
    This is my home course and the place that I really began to develop my game.
    George Beno / Team Discraft pro disc golfer
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Nuke OS
    (172 - 174 gm)
    This has become my go to forehand driver. I generate a lot of spin on my forehand and this disc can take it with out turning over. It has a very consistent flight that I can count on time and again. Anytime I need a shot to finish to the right, I can throw the OS with confidence. If you were to look in my bag, I will always have 2-3 of these with me in different stages of stability.

    I also like to throw the Nuke OS for backhand shots when I need the strong hyzer finish. If the winds are strong I will go to a Nuke OS and crush it without fear of turning it into the ground.
    Z Crank
    (172 - 174 gm)
    My distance driver. Feels great in my hand and is my farthest flying disc. The crank is very controllable for me. I like throwing big s shots and turnovers with it. I usually carry two.
    Z Mantis
    (172 - 174 gm)
    My flippy fairway driver. I like to use this when I have to throw a big anhyzer. The mantis is awesome for my creative shots. I can make it go from hyzer to flat easily. I also like to throw it for tunnel shots and rollers.
    Z Extreme
    (172 - 174 gm)
    This discontinued disc is my stable fairway driver. Very controllable for me. The small rim feels good in my hand and I enjoy the consistent stable flight. I often use this as my get out of trouble disc.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    FLX Buzzz
    (170 - 172 gm)
    Awesome disc. This is my straight flyer. The soft plastic feels great in my hand and this set of weight and plastic combo seems to be the best fit for me.
    Z Buzzz OS
    (170 - 172 gm)
    The best midrange you can buy. Feels great and flies awesome. I use this on shorter holes (200-275) that require a little backhand S shot. I also like to throw this as a stable forehand upshot disc.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    CryZtal FLX Zone
    (172 - 174 gm)
    One of the most used discs in my bag. Forehand and backhand, it has a very consistent flight. Saves me strokes every round. I enjoy the beadless, low profile.
    D Ringer
    (172 - 174 gm)
    I use these for short drives and up shots. Stable and controllable. The Ringer is more of a straighter disc for me. I feel very confident with Ringer and the low profile fits my hand great.
    Soft X and D Challenger
    (171 - 172 gm)
    I like how the challenger fits in my hand. I like the low profile and smooth rim. It has a consistent flight and glide.

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