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Team Discraft's Valarie Jenkins

Disc Golf World Champion Valarie Jenkins / Team Discraft disc golf pro NAME: Valarie Jenkins  
PDGA #: 17495
2012 PDGA RATING: 953
BORN: 1986
go to driver Thrasher
day gig: Professional Disc Golfer, aspiring Brewery Owner
CONNECT: ValarieJenkins.com      
Jenkins of the Mountain:
  • 2001 Junior World Champion
  • 2x Amatuer Mixed Doubles Champion (2002 & 2003)
  • 2004 Rookie of the Year
  • 4x World Champion (2007, 2008, 2009, 2016)
  • 16 Major Championship Wins Total
  • 2x United States Women's Disc Golf Champion
  • 29 National Tour Championship Wins
  • 5x PDGA Player of the Year (2007-2011)
  • 2015 Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award Recipient
  • Held the Women's World Distance Record in 2007 at 489'
  • Memorable Disc Golf Moment
    Winning my 4th World Championship after a 7 year drought. It was the closest battle that I ever played for a world champion title, and it came down to the very last few holes. The determination, the confidence, and the circumstances all came together to help me carry through and win that day.
    Course Comments
    Riverbend DGC
    Estacada, OR
    This is one of those most beautiful parks that I have played in around the world because of its natural beauty and incredible disc golf holes.
    Roscoe Ewing Park
    Medina, OH
    It is the course that I learned to play at and the course that my parents still pour their heart and soul into making it better each and every year.
    Knob Hill
    Cranberry, PA
    This has always been one of my favorite courses to play since I first started playing. I love the unique variety of shots the course has to offer.
    Pier Park
    Portland, OR
    If you're in the Portland area this is a must play. This is one of my favorites because its perfectly manicured, fairways are lines with huge pine trees, and the holes are challenging and fun.
    De La Veaga DGC
    Santa Cruz, CA
    I called this course home for a few years and it worked its way into being a favorite of mine. There is so much history here and I love the risk/reward factor that plays into every hole.
    Disc Golf World Champion Valarie Jenkins / Team Discraft
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Thrasher This is my favorite driver. Compared to most distance drivers, I find that the rim size fits the best in my hand. I have consistently thrown Thrasher farther than any disc throughout my career and I can even rely on it when the wind picks up.
    Z Archer This is a great turnover disc with a midrange disc feel. If I throw it out on a flat line with some height, I am confident that it will hold that slow turnover flight. I am surprised that this disc can fly as far as my distance discs when I put it out their with the right angle and height. It's incredible.
    Nate Doss 2X ESP Surge I like throwing this disc as my overstable driver for those shots that need to finish left. Even in the wind, this disc works great because I know it will come back left at the end.
    Z Heat This is my go-to understable disc in my bag. If I throw it flat, it will hold that perfect left to right flight. If I throw it harder with more hyzer, this disc will go as far as any distance disc. I think this is the perfect disc for beginners or players with slower arm speed.
    Z Avenger SS If I throw this disc flat and on the line and it will hold it with a slight fade at the end. I love the many ways that this disc's flight can be altered by just changing the angle of my release. This will be a great fairway driver in the woods where accuracy really matters.
    Z Stalker This disc is a more stable version of the Avenger SS. If I need a more stable disc for the wind, or if I need it to finish more to the left, I'll choose the Stalker as my fairway driver.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP Buzzz This is my go-to midrange disc. I love the feel of the ESP plastic in my hand and I think that adds to my confidence when I throw it. I have never thrown a midrange disc as far and as consistent as I am throwing this ESP Buzzz.
    Z Wasp This is a the perfect midrange disc for those hyzer shots or when the wind picks up. It is very reliable and I see myself utilizing this disc a lot this year.
    Big Z Drone Everyone needs an overstable midrange like this in their bag. There comes a time when you need a disc to handle even the scariest windy conditions and nestle up close to the basket, this is the one. Its super reliable and I can be confident in its flight every time.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    Jawbreaker Challenger I use this disc as my primary approach disc. I love the grip of the jawbreaker plastic and I feel confident using it for my driving putter, as well, because it holds that consistently stable line.
    D Roach I love this disc model because its something I've never felt in a putt/approach disc. From the start I felt very comfortable with throwing it for my straight or turnover upshots, and eventually started using it for longer, jump putts because it held that straight line.
    Nate Doss Challengers The copies I'm using started out as backup putters for Nate over the last few years but never made it to his bag. Fortunately for me, they were the perfect feel and level of wear that they fit right in as my main putters.

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