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Team Discraft's Cody Britain

Cody Britain / Team Discraft NAME: Cody Britain 
BORN: 1986
PDGA #: 32094
2014 PDGA RATING: 991
MEMORABLE MOMENT: My first ace ever was after I had fallen on the tee, still let go of my drive, catch myself before face planting only to stand up and see the disc skip in the bucket.
day gig: Manager, Disc Stalker pro shop
HOT SHOTS: Beating Josh Childs heads up match play at the IDGC would have to be one of them, but the best are yet to come.
Course Comments
Central Park
Forsyth County, GA
I am a little biased being that I live 3 miles from the course and poured so many hours into helping that place flourish. That course is what shaped me into the golfer that I am, and will become.
Canopy Tours
Lula, GA
Have you ever played a 300+ foot hole straight through a chicken shack? It's pretty sweet.
International Disc Golf Center
Appling, GA
I love all the courses, the woods and placement golf. This place has plenty of that.
Lake Olmstead
Augusta, GA
Once at The Augusta Classic a group of kayakers followed our card up and down the shoreline never missing a shot and helping retrieve discs that would have otherwise been lost. Best spectating seats in the house.
Haywood Valley
Armuchee, GA
This course has a great mixture of holes in the open and woods and will make you use a lot of different shots!
Cody Britain / Team Discraft
In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
Z Surge SS Surge SS is a faster disc that does what its told! Do you need to go straight for 300+ feet, but don't want to ""rip"" something? This disc will do just that and gives you just a bit of skip at the end so be careful and play it a little more to the right if you're throwing a hyzer.
Z Surge I use a Surge for almost any drive that has a tad bit of headwind. It will turn a bit, but always comes back for me. It also makes for a good flick shot around 300 ft.
Z Nuke The point of this disc is the open range and go for that BOMB!
ESP and Z Crank I use the Z for no wind distance drives that I need to turn over before they finish and use the ESP for long drives that have to hold to the right along with rollers.
Z XS I prefer to club up as opposed to throw mids and this disc allows me to do just that. I can throw this any angle and get a predictable finish without a lot of skip giving me the ability to place it very well.
Z XL Any shots where finishing straight in the woods above 300 ft is a must I pull this disc out.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
Z Buzzz This disc is incredible I have thrown it for years now and the disc never seems to lose any stability. I can throw this as hard as I please and the result is the same, super straight. I use it for semi long approaches that need just a little hook at the end.
D Wasp Pretty much the same as my Buzzz, but I pull this out when I need bit for left turn than my Buzz will allow.
ESP Meteor I use this for super straight finesse shots and turnovers under 300 ft. This disc is very easy to throw farther than you think with the awesome amount of glide and its super fast rim. (compared to most mids)
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
D Challenger I use these basically for putting, but man do these things go! Great for short tees and approaches along with consistent drop and hyzer when you're putting.

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