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Team Discraft's David Cox

David Cox / Team Discraft NAME: David Cox  
PDGA #: 6582
BORN: 1968
day gig: Computer Aided Design/Pro Disc Golfer
  • 1997 and 2004 World Putting Champion
  • 2007 Flying Pig Open Champ
  • 4X GCFDA C.C. Series Champ
  • 3X Bluegrass Open Masters champ
  • 2009 Indiana State Masters Champion
    My very first open tournament at Turkey Lake Park in Orlando. After the first round I was on the lead card with Ken Climo, C.R. Willey and Greg Hosfeld. Talk about star struck! I will never forget being surrounded by these great multiple world champs. And of course helping my 10 year old daughter crush the 10 and under girls distance record with a throw of 246.5 feet!
    In action
    David's Disc Golf Tips
    Keep It Simple
    Disc golf is a difficult sport, but I see new players trying shots they are not skilled enough for yet. A perfect example is the run up. I try to show new players how distance and accuracy can be achieved without a long complicated run up. Try standing on the tee pad and either take just one step or no step at all. You will be surprised how far you can throw a disc. Plus, if you don't run up your body learns to use all of its muscles to throw.

    Grip Harder On Long Throws
    The harder you want to throw a disc, the harder you should grip it. This helps to eliminate letting go too soon which kills distance/accuracy and also flexes all of the muscles in your forearm to help with snap.

    Better Putting
    New players ask me all the time how to help their putting game. I give them one great tip. Never take your eyes off of your target. Even after you let go of the putter your eyes should still be on your target until the disc hits the chains. This helps eliminate short putts!

    Eliminate the Obstacles for Better Scores
    Identify the obstacles on a hole that will add strokes. If there is trouble on the right hug the left side of the fairway with a disc that will not turnover. If the basket is below you, throw down at it. If it is above you throw up at it. Always know how the wind is going to affect your shot.
    David Cox / Team Discraft
    Course Comments
    Cliff Stevens Park
    Clearwater, FL
    The course I learned to play on. Water everywhere!
    Burlington, KY
    Island greens, tight fairways, O.B. everywhere. Like no other course out there.
    Mt. Airy
    Cincinnati, OH
    Best course in Ohio. Par is a great score.
    Hornets Nest Park
    Charlotte, NC
    A very challenging and beautiful course.
    Banklick Woods Park
    Independence, KY
    A great 24 hole course with nice scenery.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Force
    (max weight)
    This has all the great characteristics of the ESP force, but with more stability which make it great for windy conditions. I can throw if dead flat with no worry of turning over.
    Z Avenger
    (max weight)
    Love the Avenger. I carry a fresh one and one slightly beat in. The flight is so consistent and controllable that I could throw it for any shot. I mostly throw if on 320-375 foot drives. I just pop it out to the right with a little hyzer and then walk up to the basket for my drop in.
    ESP, X Line and Z NUKE
    (max weight)
    This wide winged driver is the fastest disc I have ever thrown. I'm not a big distance guy, but this disc has helped me to reach holes I never thought possible. Of the three Nukes I carry, the X version is the furthest flying and feels the best in my hand. On less windy days this is the disc to throw.
    ESP Avenger
    (max weight)
    I keep this in the bag to keep my other Avengers fresh, but it hasn't lost any stability. The ESP plastic stays true no matter how solid I hit something. Just as stable as my Z, but the ESP plastic feels a little better in my hand so I feel like I can throw it a little further. I can get this around 400 feet.
    Z Stalker
    (max weight)
    Starting to love this disc more and more. Like a fast Buzzz with more distance. This disc has changed the way midrange holes are played. I pop it on a hyzer 350 and in holes where I don't have a lot of room.
    ESP Predator
    (max weight)
    Crazy stable driver that I use for skip shots and into heavy winds. This disc will not flip so I can lean into it with confidence. It is more of a medium distance disc for me, somewhere around 300-350 feet.
    ESP Surge
    (max weight)
    Very fast with great glide. I can throw this with less effort and still get great distance. I keep two in my bag, one fresh and the other for long turnovers. I like to throw this when I have less room for a hyzer because I know it won't hyzer out hard at the end so I can throw it straighter at the basket.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP Wasp
    (max weight)
    Nice stable to over stable midrange. Great for 250-300 foot hyzer upshots. Glides better than my Drone so I get a little more distance.
    ESP Buzzz
    (max weight)
    Great feel and flight. Thrown for straight shots and controlled turnovers. Fast and great glide for a midrange and ESP plastic feels great.
    Z Comet
    (max weight)
    Just added this disc last year and it has easily taken strokes off of my game. Great disc for long glide turnovers and never seems to get beat up.
    ESP Meteor
    (max weight)
    Same as the Comet, but seems to hold its turnover line longer. Has great glide and I love to stand still and throw straight shots with it.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Banger GT
    (max weight)
    Hands down the best putter/upshot disc I have ever owned. Perfect stability. Hardly any glide so I can put it right on the pole for upshots and no fly-by worries when I putt. I keep a few in my bag at different stages of newness. You owe it to yourself to try one of these, you will not regret it.

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