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Team Discraft's Tim Tim McDill

Tim McDill / Team Discraft disc golf pro NAME: Tim McDill  
HOMETOWN: Troutdale, OR
BORN: 1984
PDGA #: 41365
day gig: pro disc golfer
HOT SHOTS: My biggest accomplishment was winning the 2014 Calapooia Classic during my rookie Pro Season. I won against one of Oregon's best players, and the person who had won almost every event in the state that year.
Course Comments
Blue Ribbon Pines
East Bethel, MN
Amazing landscaping and beautifully manicured fairways make for epic, unforgettable holes, making Disc Golf look exactly as professional as it truly is.
Milo McIver
Estacada, OR
My favorite combo courses with incredible shot variety and the coolest island holes ever!
Whistler's Bend
Glide, OR
The happiest vibes of any course...swimming, camping, river floating, and some of the most beautiful Disc Golf holes I've ever seen.
Milford, MI
Am Nats! Toboggan is a Disc Golf gem that tests the game of solid Ams and Pros alike..
Diamond X
Billings, MT
My friend Adam and I had back to back aces on hole 4, then again on hole 6! None were on first shots (I wish!), but it was still unbelievable and the rest of the course is so treacherous and epic, I loved the novelty of cliff DG!
Tim McDill / Team Discraft disc golf pro
In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
ESP and Z Force My ESP Force is my best driver and my absolute favorite disc. I throw this disc backhand as hard as I can on a very slight hyzer and it flattens out and flies for a mile. Love the feel in my hand, the ESP plastic is so perfectly grippy. I throw it for most open field throws as well as tight holes where I need it to fly straight and finish left.

My Z Force is a litte more stable and I'll throw that when there is a little more of a headwind. Or if there is OB and I really need to make sure the disc finishes left but still flies far. Both discs are great for long distance sidearm smashes too.
ESP Surge The Surge is my slightly flippy disc that I use off the tee almost half the time on long courses. It turns slowly and will fade at the end. I throw it on controlled long distance shots up to about 450'. It's also great if you put it on a little bit of anny, it holds the line for a long time and won't usually hyzer out, turn too much, or cut roll.
Z Nuke OS This disc is my savior during wind rounds. There were raging winds at the Aloha Sushi Classic in Washington, and my friend had given me a used Nuke OS the week before. I only got to practice with it a few times before the round and I trusted it enough to use it on almost every hole that round. I went on to get 2nd at the tournament! If its not windy I will still use it for my sidearm shots that I really need to finish right.
ESP Crank This disc is my super smasher: I use it on long holes for absolute max distance. On a hyzer release it will flip up and turn right for a long time, then ultimately finish left if you throw it well. I throw them up to 475', maybe further. I love this disc in ESP plastic. It feels so good in the hand and just holding it makes me want to go outside and crush drives. I'll also use it for rollers. You don't need to force it over too much to get it to stand up perfectly, and it will roll for a very long time. 500+ feet.
Z Nuke I've got a really stable Nuke that I use for sidearm shots. I throw it really hard on slight anny and it comes out and finishes with a nice big skip. My sidearms will break 400 feet sometimes, with either this disc or the Force. I'll throw it as my really stable backhand disc, too, when it is pertinent for the shot to finish left.
Z Avenger SS A great understable disc. Wonderful for rollers and airshots alike. I love hyzer-flipping it to hit tight lines in the woods. Perfect for shots between 300 and 400 feet that need to finish right. Really nice in the Z plastic, too.
Z Stalker I love the name of this disc because it truly stalks the basket. I throw the flippy one all the time and it will hold such a perfect line toward the pin. On courses that are wooded yet long, it is the perfect disc. Earlier this season I played Condon in Grass Valley and I pured every shot I took with this disc. It was one of my best driving rounds ever and I have the stalker to thank for it! The more stable one is for normal fairway drives that I can throw pretty hard and rely on not to flip too much. They both are for 300-400 foot shots.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
Z Buzzz There are 2 Buzzz's in my bag. One is more flippy and the other is more straight. The flippy Buzzz is my #1 choice for hyzer stand up straight shots that I want to finish dead straight or a little bit right. I can throw it on a high anhyzer and it will give a nice slow turn all the way to the ground. On wooded courses I will throw this off the tee again and again. The straight Buzzz is great when thrown hard and flat for 300 foot shots. Good for tunnel throws that I want to finish straight or fade left a little. On top of the world shots this is the disc. Throw it hard, flat, and parallel with the decline and it will go perfectly straight all the way to the pin.
Z Wasp
(170 - 172 gm)
A notch more stable than my stable Buzzz. It has become my top choice for field upshots or drives between 250 and 350 feet. Throw it flat and hard and it will fly a long way then have a nice long fade left. Anhyzer flex shots are great with this disc, too. It holds and anny just long enough then comes out left for the perfect shot shape.
ESP Meteor
(170 - 172 gm)
The Meteor is amazing for hyzer flips in the woods or turnovers to maneuver around trees in fairways. I trust it every time to turn right, and just tune the angle depending on where the wind is coming from. It's rim is really flat instead of concave, which makes for a super comfortable grip. Very dependable for shots between 200 and 300 feet.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
LE Titanium Zone Zone, Zone, Zone. I love the Zone. There are rounds I will not throw it at all, and there are rounds I will use it for every upshot. It's overstable and slow, and flies beautifully and predictably. Amazing in the wind. I talk up the Zone more than any disc because of how many times it saves me on blustery days. Also a great slow sidearm disc. Usually used to get out of trouble, I will flick it on anhyzer angle and it will pan out flat. Really flat top and very cool looking disc. Mine has a camo stamp too which is really sweet :)
D Banger GT The most unique competitive putter around. I say competitive because you see solid players using this disc all the time. What makes it so unique is the groove track for the thumb. Almost every person who holds my putter comments on how good it feels in their hand, even those who are skeptical. I carry 3 different bangers, all different levels of stability.

I putt with the most stable of the three. It is broken in to the point that when I throw it full power it will fly perfectly straight. It's my upshot putter too, and it flies absolutely perfect when I throw it on a fan grip anny for my 150' and in shots. The Pro-D plastic has the perfect blend of tack and slickness. It is grippy but doesn't feel sticky, so it comes out of the hand really nicely.

My favorite shot in disc golf is the putter forehand roller. I have to say that it's probably the strongest part of my game. I get myself out of deep trouble all the time with a forehand roller using my medium flippy Banger. Thrown about 20 degrees off of perpendicular with the ground, it will roll a ways and stand up and ultimately finish on it's back. I adjust the angle and the speed of the roll depending of distance of the shot and obstacles. A great way to practice the shot is to throw forehand rollers on your way to the next tee.

It is such a great disc, everyone should give the Banger a chance!

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