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Team Discraft's Tyler Horne

Tyler Horne / Team Discraft NAME: Tyler Horne  
HOMETOWN: Columbus, OH
PDGA #: 16058
2014 PDGA RATING: 1009
BORN: 1982
day gig: Professional Disc Golfer
disc cred: Tyler has notched dozens of wins in his long pro disc golf career.
memorable moment: I would have to say just the experience of traveling with friends to different cities, playing world class courses against world class players is what's most memorable.
Tyler Horne / Team Discraft
Course Comments
Brent Hambrick
Columbus, OH
My home course, has a wide variety of long and technical shots.
Moraine St. Park
Pittsburgh, PA
A great golf course with very few holes reachable in one shot, making accuracy off the tee very important.
Knob Hill
Pittsburgh, PA
A very challenging course with lots of elevation changes.
Whipping Post/Wood Shed
Paw Paw, WV
These courses will definitely challenge your scrambling abilities.
Lake Shore Park
Ashtabula, OH
When the wind kicks up, as it often does, just finding a way to stop your disc on the sloping greens becomes a must.

In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
ESP Predator This is my main driver. It's overstability takes most variables out of play so I can throw it with confidence.
X Predator I use this disc for most drives over 350 feet. It has a very predictable flight path and can handle the extra speed for the longer throws.
ESP Surge
A less stable disc with a lot of glide making it perfect for longer distance. I also use it for drives that need to go straight without a lot of effort.
X Avenger
I like this disc for longer throws that need to go straight without lots of power, and for controlled anhyzers.
Z Flick
Very fast and very overstable. I use the Flick for most forehand shots and for backhand shots that must go left. It's my go-to disc for spike hyzers.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
ESP Buzzz
A very straight flying disc on those longer throws, and a very controllable midrange disc.
X Buzzz
It simply does whatever you want it to do.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
X Challenger
I probably use this disc more than any other on holes under 300 feet. I can make it go straight, go left, go right... and it never gets overpowered.
Soft APX
This disc will hold a straight line or anhyzer better than any disc I've ever thrown.
D Challenger
I use this disc on almost every straight shot under 350 ft. It is very predictable. I also use it as my putter.

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