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ESP Surge™

Whether you're throwing downwind or into a moderate headwind, Surge™ will deliver maximum distance while still remaining highly controllable. Players can't stop talking about the extra glide they get throw after throw. The ESP™ plastic delivers both durability and outstanding grip like none other.

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"My ultra long driver of choice. Wanna get way out there...let 'er rip with this thing. Makes that 500 foot birdie an actual possibility for me, instead of just a prayer. When I first started throwing these, I couldn't believe how easy it was to send it a mile. Ain't technology great!"
-Mike Randolph

Mike Randolph
Chris Max Voigt

"A must for maximum distance. This is the fastest disc I have thrown on a disc golf course. It penetrates like no other disc, but is very good to handle and not too overstable. The disc holds high speeds but does not fade back too early when slowing down."
-World distance record setter Chris Max Voigt

"My main driver, my favorite disc. You won't find a better driver on the market."
-Liz Carr

Liz Carr
Brad Schick

"The Surge has been my go to driver since its release... it is my max distance and control disc. "
-Brad Schick

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