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Team Discraft's Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman / Team Discraft NAME: Adam Goodman  
HOMETOWN: Fairfield, CT
PDGA #: 20004
BORN: 1974
day gig: Environmental and land conservation consultant
  • 1st 2014 Park City Open
  • Top 10 in all 2014 tournaments played
  • 1st 2013 Hunter Hangtime Open
  • 2nd 2013 New England Disc Golf Championships
  • 2nd 2013 Mighty Gaw VII
  • 2nd 2013 Pure Flight Open
  • Top 4 at all 2013 events
  • 1st, 2011 Campgaw Ice Bowl
    My most memorable disc golf moments are those spent with friends, family, and four legged creatures. I've only been playing disc golf since 2001, but it feels much longer. I started playing because a black retriever mutt named Teba (aka Big Black Dog, BBD) entered my life. I figured if I'm going to walk him, I might as well have some fun. He was very well behaved and had exquisite disc golf etiquette. He would stay behind the tee and only grab a disc if you asked him to. Plus he was really good at finding lost discs. Without Teba, I am curious if I would have ever found this sport. For that and all the memories over the years, I am thankful.
    Adam's Disc Golf Tips
    Play within yourself. I'm not the longest off the tee and therefore focus on consistency and control. This combined with a good mental game are important attributes to good course management (and lower scores). Control and consistency are important to all players of all ages at any level. If I know the odds of parking a drive on a difficult hole is low and the risk is high, I will often times attempt to throw to a spot (sometimes with a midrange or putter). This way I'll put myself in a good position and better my odds of getting par. On tough holes an easy par is a huge confidence builder and can be achieved by playing within yourself.

    Train yourself to reach back high. Otherwise you're probably throwing from the hip, which typically result in a nose up, hyzer toss. When I first learned to play disc golf, Michael Belchik of Northern California told me to "reach high or die". It's imperative to release the disc flat (nose down) in order to get the disc to fly straight. By reaching back high, at shoulder height, it is much easier to throw flat. This also eventually helps with throwing anhyzers and achieving greater distance.

    Improve footwork for more distance. Although arm speed and 'snap' are very important, many intermediate players can easily increase their distance by developing proper footwork including learning the X-step. Sometimes when my timing is off it helps to slow my feet down. Not only does this help smooth the throw and aim, but it also results in more balanced torque and added distance.

    On grips: I believe there is no correct grip because much depends on hand size and personal preference. I use a power grip for driving and upshots (all 4 pads on the inside rim). And a fan grip for putting (all 4 fingers curved slightly under the disc along the face). Thumb position can also be critical. For the most part my thumb is 1-2 inches away from the edge. Try different techniques, find what works, then practice.

    Get there early to warm up properly. Getting old is not easy and like with any sport disc golf involves stretching for flexibility and strength. Remember you have a full day of disc golf and plenty of time to throw hard. Start with an appropriate muscle warm up for your legs, arms, and torso. Throw softly with control and gradually increase your length while stretching periodically. Use this time to also prepare mentally by visualizing your body under control and your disc flying towards the basket. Only at the end should you even think about playing some holes to get back into the routine.

    Adam Goodman / Team Discraft Procrastination Putting: Buy a Chainstar for your backyard. My best years of tournament play came when I putted for 30-45 minutes each day. For me it has not been enough to just practice putting before playing (just look at my last 2 years). The best way to become a good putter is to put a basket or two in your backyard. Not only is it a healthy distraction, but when you look outside you'll want to go putt. When that happens putting becomes fun. When it becomes fun, you get good.

    Master The Hyzer: I consider hyzer throws to be the most accurate because they are designed to take advantage of the disc's natural flight. For a right hand backhand toss this means the disc is tilted so that the left side of the disc is lower than the right causing the disc's flight to turn left. By nature the disc only goes one direction. This is critical to good accuracy because there are less variables. With anhyzer tosses, the disc can fly straight, then right, finishing left. All these variables are harder to predict and have the potential to create a more errant throw. If you want to maximize your accuracy try throwing a hyzer.
    Course Comments
    Veteran's Memorial Park
    Bridgeport, CT
    My baby! This new course is challenging and has a great variety of drives and upshots including several par 4s. The surprisingly diverse terrain, elevated tees, & high tree canopies create expansive fairways that are technical, beautiful, and fair. Come play, it's only 1 hour from NYC!
    Maple Hill
    Leicester, MA
    This is what New England disc golf is all about. No other course requires more course management while negotiating beautiful hills, ponds, fields, and woods.
    Warwick Town Park
    Warwick, NY
    A two course disc golf heaven complex with a total of 108 holes of everything golf.
    Waveny Park
    New Canaan, CT
    This new, quiet, mostly wooded course is a terrific place to hone your technical skills. Most holes have 3 tees and are fun, fair, and challenging.
    The Redwood Curtain
    Arcata, CA
    My first course. In the backyard of Humboldt State U, this course plays around huge 20 foot diameter redwood trees. Highlights include teeing off from the tops of Redwood stumps and holing out on the signature tone pole targets. The local golfers and club (Par Infinity) are worth getting to know.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z NUKE
    (max weight)
    At first I didn't believe the hype, but after just one toss I was sold. Everybody knows it's the farthest, fastest disc out there. I was also surprised how easy it flew and how comfortable the wide rim feels in the hand. I carry three Z Nukes in my bag. One new very overstable, one 'experienced' slightly overstable, and one beloved and hard to find, stand up, flip over, and fly forever 1st run Nuke. These discs are so versatile and I use them for my longest throws both backhand and forehand.
    ESP and Z Crank
    (max weight)
    What a difference maker! This new superfast, far flying driver fills the niche in my quiver. The Crank is basically a straighter Nuke that has a slightly smaller rim, is easier to grip, and goes as far as anything. It's flat, straight, pure flight is astonishing. I would say Avenger is to Predator what Crank is to Nuke.
    (max weight)
    Momma mia this disc is incredible. The Nuke OS is so fast and so overstable that it calms my nerves on forehand, wind, and get out of trouble shots. I thought I would never say this, but move over Z-Xtreme...your big brother is here! Every player needs a monster overstable disc. This disc has the speed of a Nuke, but the overstability of a...well actually nothing, it's unique. It's so incredibly overstable that if you try to throw a roller, it will still finish on a hyzer. This disc is so handy and a great driver with many uses, but I've enjoyed it most for getting out of trouble.
    Z Avenger
    (max weight)
    This is my go-to, all around stable/straight fairway driver. Looking for an 'experienced' Predator? Look no further! This disc feels like a Predator, but flies straighter longer. I also use the Avenger for controlled forehand shots.
    Z Avenger SS
    (max weight)
    I instantly fell in love with this new Avenger incarnation because it is incredibly controllable and very understable even when new. This disc turns and twists - it is so slippery in the woods. Out in the open it's my go to roller disc.
    X XL
    Old school! I love the XL and always carry one. This disc has become a staple in my bag because it goes so darn straight with very little fade. When you don't want the disc to skip or fade away, try the X-XL. I also use the XL on shorter shots that require a bit of finesse. People say that 'this dog is well trained'.
    Z Zombee
    A great fairway driver. The Zombee is essentially a bevelled edge Buzzz...need I say more? If you love your Buzzz, try a Zombee for the same control, but a little more distance.
    Z Glide
    (max weight)
    Another great fairway driver, good for beginners and pros alike. This disc is flippy/understable right out of the box. It's great off the tee or on the fairway because even at slow controlled speeds it still wants to glide straighter and longer than you'd think possible. My favorite shot with a Glide is to turn a corner on hyzer and then watch it flip up and fly straight down the dogleg.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    This disc will do anything, it is all you need. Start the disc on hyzer angle and watch it glide that direction. Start it anhyzer and watch it turn forever. Throw it flat and watch is sail straight, only fading at the end. Everyone should have one of these!
    Z Wasp
    (177 gm)
    The Z Wasp has such an incredibly long and useful lifespan. Over the past few years I have auditioned several new overstable mid-range discs. But recently I came back to the original Wasp that started it all for me. To illustrate the longevity of this disc, I have been throwing my 1st run Z-Wasp from 2003. It flies virtually the same as it did 10 years ago and is the perfect compliment in feel and flight as a Z Buzzz. It's a Buzzz with a bead.
    Z Comet
    (max weight)
    What you've heard about the Comet is correct: it is the easiest, straightest flying control midrange disc ever made. The most common thing heard after releasing this disc is 'What was that??!!' I guess people aren't used to seeing something go so straight with a slight drift to the right. I also love that I can throw a very controlled shot 200-300 feet from a stand still.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Challenger
    (max weight)
    The ultimate putt and approach disc. It's an overstable putter that has a great grip and is incredibly consistent. I enjoy using putters for drives and midrange shots when possible because they land softly and don't skip far from the target.
    Z Zone
    (max weight)
    The Zone immediately made my bag because of its controllability even at slow speeds. It doesn't go that far, but it flies threw the smallest of spaces...and makes for a good putter too.
    (max weight)
    The APX is a great long gliding putter. I also love it for long turning anhyzer upshots or forehands. Somehow it can always get me out of trouble. This disc is virtually indestructible, feels great in the hand, and gets better with age. I can trust this disc to do what I want every time.

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