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Chainstar™ Basic
If you're building your own course, do it right the first time by installing Chainstar™ disc targets... the player's favorite! Your Chainstar™ will last for a lifetime of outdoor fun. Chainstar™ basic includes top chain assembly, Trapper basket and mounting pole.

Chainstar basic
Chainstar locking collar fitting

Chainstar™ Removable
Basic setup plus 19.5 inch ground sleeve and locking collar assembly for easy removal. Add additional ground sleeves for multiple target positions. Our most popular option.

Chainstar™ Stand Mounted
Basic setup plus metal base for easy set up of target practice, temp courses and special events. Attached wheel makes moving your target a snap.

Chainstar with portable stand mount

Chainstar Catches Better!

Chainstar™ Catches Better!
24 chains hang in staggered formations to optimize catching, plus outside chains to increase catching on higher hits. Heavy duty S hooks allow freer chain movement. With a top width of 23 inches and a vertical target zone of 21 inches, Chainstar has a bigger sweet spot than the competition too!

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