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Team Discraft's Phillip-Tyler Belt

Phillip-Tyler Belt / Team Discraft NAME: Phillip-Tyler Belt 
HOMETOWN: Fairhope, AL
BORN: 1995
PDGA #: 40740
MEMORABLE MOMENT: Hitting an ace at the 2012 World Championships at Kilborne Park!
day gig: United States Air Force
  • 4th, 2013 USDGC performance
  • 3rd, Open, Alabama Mountain Games (at 17 years old)
    Course Comments
    Flyboy Aviation
    Whitesburg, GA
    It's a true Championship course with a mix of long and short and open and wooded holes and has lots of water!
    Maple Hill
    Leicester, MA
    It is very technical and makes you hit your lines or pay the price of bogey or worse!
    Lemon Lake Gold
    Crown Point, IN
    This is a technical course with some long open holes and has a great variety of shots!
    Haywood Valley
    Armuchee, GA
    This course has a great mixture of holes in the open and woods and will make you use a lot of different shots!
    Alabama Mountain Games
    Cleveland, AL
    24 hole course with woods holes, open holes, elevation, and will test your game mentally and physically!
    Phillip-Tyler Belt / Team Discraft
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z, X and Ti Force
    (169 - 174 gm)
    This has been my go-to driver in a lot of situations! I throw this disc on hole between 350 and 450 feet. I thrown this disc flat for. The 350 to 400 shots and if I wanna get this disc out to 400-450 feet or longer I'll throw it with anhyzer and I can always trust it to come back! I'll throw the X Force for a little more distance because it has a ton of glide!! I throw the Force mostly back hand but if I need a longer sidearm shot I will definitely pull the Z Force to get the birdie!.
    Z Crank
    (172 - 174 gm)
    I use a Z Crank for my distance shots of 450+ feet. I can hyzer-flip this disc and get tons of distance! It will turn over and hold an anhyzer for a little bit and then finish back to the left! This disc has great glide to it! This is my second go-to disc behind the Force!
    Z Crush
    (170 - 174 gm)
    The Crush is my go-to side arm disc. I can throw it flat and it will stay straight and then finish with a strong hyzer into any wind! I'll also use it for shorter 300-350ft backhand hyzer drives!
    Z Avenger
    (170 - 174 gm)
    This is my go to driver if I want to throw a long tunnel shot. I can throw this with a little hyzer and the Avenger will flip up to flat and hold it the hole way through and finish with a slight hyzer!
    Z Avenger SS
    (170 - 174 gm)
    I use this disc for long hyzer-flip shots that will hold anyhyzer the whole way through the flight. I also use this disc as my roller. It is a fantastic roller! It holds straight for a very long time! My favorite roller disc by far!
    Z Tracker
    (170 - 174 gm)
    This is my go-to fairway driver!I can throw this disc into any wind and trust it to finish left! It has a nice hyzer finish at the end of the flight.
    DGA Hellfire
    (172 - 174 gm)
    I can trust this disc into all winds! This disc is overstable and will always finish left! One of my favorite discs to throw by far! I'll use this discs for hyzers and anhyzer flex shots! It is a great disc for a variety of shots.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP Comet
    (177+ gm)
    The Comet is a fantastic controlled mid-range. I throw this disc with a little hyzer and let it flip to flat and drift left and holds the line! This disc has a tremendous amount of glide!
    Z Buzzz
    (177+ gm)
    This is my second favorite mid-range! I have multiples of this disc in my bag at different stages! This disc holds whatever line you put it on! It is a great mid-range!
    Ti Wasp
    (177+ gm)
    As a power thrower, the Wasp is my favorite mid-range. I can throw this disc with a slight anhyzer and it holds straight and finishes to the left!
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Challenger
    (174 gm)
    This is my putting putter. It feels great in the hand and holds the same line into any wind.
    ESP Zone
    (172 - 174 gm)
    This is my driving putter! I throw this disc for anything from 250 feet and in. Very predictable into any wind, a great driving putter!

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