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Team Discraft's Austin Turner

Austin Turner / Team Discraft NAME: Austin Turner  
PDGA #: 54049
Go To Driver: Force
Putts with: Challenger
Future plans To tour around the country and be the best that I can!
  • 7th, 2017 Pro World Championships
  • Hampton Heights Open champion 2016
  • Albemarle Ice Bowl champion 2016
  • Bradford Open champion 2014/2015
  • 2015 19U AM World Champion
    Austin Turner / Team Discraft
    Course Comments
    Winthrop Gold
    Rock Hill, SC
    This is my all time favorite. A great place to work on your distance game and also your mental game.
    Timber Ridge
    Gobles, MI
    This course was a beast! Lots of elevation, distance, woods, and OB, really made the best out of a player!
    Charlotte, NC
    One of my local courses and it's absolutely amazing! Lots of touch and control shots through the woods, really builds up someone's mental game!
    Oshtemo DGC
    Oshtemo, MI
    This course was awesome! Very wooded with some tight lines. Lots of control shots and some really fun shots!
    Renny Gold
    Charlotte NC
    This course is one that puts Charlotte on the map! Par 70 beast with lots of OB, distance shots, control shots, and all around great course.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    ESP and Z Force
    I have 3 Z Forces and 1 ESP which all do different things:
  • Pink pop top that I use for long distance shots (400-500), headwind drives, and huge spike hyzers!
  • Yellow domey that Is my go to for crushes in the open, anhyzer flex, and also hyzer bombs. I can pump this one about 400-550.
  • Clear flat top that I use strictly for for hands. I've had this one for a while now, still very stable for it being old. I use this for hyzer forehands, flex shots, and short approach shots 100-250.
  • ESP Force: This disc bombs! This is my proto force I've had for years! Slightly beaten in so it likes to flip up and ride the wind! I can crank this one about 400-525. Works well in all winds.
  • Z Crank
    I have this one for complete bombs! This disc is meant for hyzer flips and getting maximum distance. These were a very stable run of cranks and to me they are my personal favorite of all runs. Very reliable in tailwinds and headwinds. 400-550.
    Z Nuke
    These are probably my all time favorite disc! A red Nuke gets used for a lot of forehands, in the woods, in the open, just about anywhere. Distance will range from 150-425 on for hands with these. hyzer shots, touch shots in the woods, or even flex shots. I also use it for max distance shots backhand anywhere from 400-550. My orange one is for side arms only and I only use it for a more straighter side arm, one that pops up a little and rides. Great for woods shots, flex shots, and touch hyzers.
    Z Stalker
    This is the only fairway driver I throw and it is the most reliable disc in my bag! Super straight with a little hyzer at the end. This disc is great for open shots, knowing it won't turn into a roller, wood shots which I throw it a lot with, and flex shots in the woods. Range goes from 250-400
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    An all time favorite and the best all around disc for anyone! My newer copy is used for all wood shots and control shots! Super straight with a little fade. Great for straight shots and flex shots! An older copy is slightly understable for big anhyzers only! Super reliable in the woods and an all around great disc!
    Z Buzzz OS I use this disc for all touch sidearms, short spike hyzers and open windy shots! This disc will never turn over, very very stable 100-300
    Z Wasp One of my favorite and most reliable discs! Stable with some glide so it goes pretty far! I use it for tight shots and open hyzers. Very reliable in all winds and just a great disc overall.
    ESP Meteor This disc is my go to for super straight shots in the woods! Very reliable disc that beats in nicely! I only throw it in the woods around 200-350 shots. I use this disc when I don't feel comfortable throwing my buzzz!
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    Pro D Challenger These are my bread and butters, they are just money. The D Challenger I use for straight drives off the tee. Super straight with a little bit of turn through its flight then lands flats. Very grippy and does well in the woods. My Doss Challengers are very reliable, feel amazing in the hand, not to soft, not to hard, they are that perfect feel. I only use these for putting. Finally I have a Cryztal Z Challenger that is one of my go to putters off the tee. Very stable and very reliable in the wind. Good for touch shots in the woods as well. I use this disc anywhere form 150-350.

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