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Team Discraft's Michael Johansen

Michael Johansen / Team Discraft NAME: Michael Johansen  
PDGA #: 20300
BORN: 1979
  • Worlds: '06-13th, '08-20th, '12-4th, '14-14th
  • USDGC: 04-6th, 05-9th, 06-18th, 09-14th, 10-5th, 13-13th
  • 2015 HOF Classic NT champion
  • 9 A-tier wins
  • 100+ sanctioned Open wins
  • Memorable Disc Golf Moment:
    Getting the chance to play in the finals of the 2012 PDGA Worlds in my hometown and on my home course! It was an amazing experience to be able to play on that stage in front of all my friends and fans.
    Michael's Disc Golf Tips
    Let The Disc Do The Work
    Instead of trying to throw too hard, you want to work on throwing smooth. Let the disc do the work. The best way to get to throwing smooth is slowing down your shot or by going to the field instead of just always playing rounds. And don't forget to ask your local pro players what they do and how they get their shots right. Don't forget almost every player has at least one shot that they do well, so keep your eyes open and watch others.

    Better Footwork For Better Distance
    For most intermediate players the best way to get more distance is to get there foot work right. I don't mean that you have to go out and learn the x-step, I mean get your feet underneath you so that you follow throw and push of with your feet. You want to use your big muscle groups, not just your arm. Go out to a field and practice throwing short range shots with just one or two steps; you want to get the feeling of pushing off and how it feels when the timing is right with your whole body. After this you start to slowly add a run up into your practice routine. But start slow and just work on building the timing to your golf shot.
    Michael's Grip
    Michael Johansen / Team Discraft
    MJ was featured on the cover of Disc Golf World News in the summer of 2005. We anticipate it won't be his last magazine feature...
    Course Comments
    Hornets Nest
    Charlotte, NC
    This is my home course and it is just an amazing practice facility. Has a wonderful mix of open and wooded holes and with both the original layout and the par 70 Web layout it can teach you every shot you need.
    Bracketts Bluff
    Davidson, NC
    My home club. This is what a private course should be like. Wonderful wooded and technical course that is kept up with amazingly well. It shows you where the game should be going to private courses.
    Castle Hayne Park
    Wilmington, NC
    What an amazing course. Beautiful course cut thru the forest down by the coast of NC. Really nice wooded course with generous fairways that puts a premium on accuracy and staying calm throughout your round.
    Trophy Lakes
    Johns Island, SC
    My favorite SC course. Winds around two man made lakes. This course from the longs is championship level course that all should play. Be prepared to play lots of shots over or near water.
    Nevin Park
    Charlotte, NC
    If you have played it, it needs no explanation. Just a great high par wooded course that will test your patience and accuracy.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    ESP and Z Crank
    (165-174 gm)
    Wow this disc has become my go-to driver! With all the speed and easy glide it has, it has simply become the farthest throwing disc I carry. Mostly I throw it on hyzer flips and controlled turns right and left. But with its ease of throwing, it gets used on long uphill shots and tunnels in the woods. I like them as they aren't as wide a rim as the Nuke and are more approachable as a high speed disc.
    ESP and Z NUKE
    (any wt)
    I carry this one as my high speed control driver. Mainly my power driver and brought out when I need a long shot and its too windy for my Cranks.
    ESP and Z Force
    Mostly my overstable distance driver. If I need distance and to hyzer out, then the Force is what I turn to. Mostly for headwinds,sidearms and skip shots. Also gets used as another thumber disc for me.
    Z Predator
    (165 - 175)
    Predaotr is an overstable fairway driver and most dependable disc on the market today. It may not get the throws that the other discs in my bag get, but in the woods on the east coast the Pred is deadly accurate. Its nice to have a disc you can trust to do what you want it to (range 275-375). Also is my short range sidearm and my main thumber disc. Always has a place in my bag.
    Z Mantis
    (165 - 175)
    Manits is quickly becoming my main fairway driver. Just a nice true flier that does a bit over everything. Used up to about 375 or so. Mostly just stick straight. Bridges the gap from mid to driver for me.
    Z Heat
    (165 - 175)
    A great compliment to the Mantis and is super easy to throw. The best way I can describe it is as a driver that flies like a Comet. It has insane amounts of glide and is a very approachable disc. One that should be in everyone's bag as they are learning to play.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP and Z Comet
    This is the most underrated mid range on the market. It does a little of everything for me. I carry 3 in my bag at all times. The Comet has the most glide and carry you can find in a disc. Also it is a great tool for showing you proper technique. Thrown properly it will never leave your bag.
    Z Buzzz
    Z or Big Z. Only carry one in my bag. It's used for hyzers and longer power turnover shots. Mostly I use it as a compliment to my Comets.
    Z Hornet
    My overstable midrange. Very nice to use and know its in the bag for when its needed. I use them on shots mostly under 300ft when I need it to end on a Hyzer or fight through some winds. It's also becoming a nice sidearm disc for me. Another one that I like the low profile of the disc for ease of releasing out of my hand.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Ringer
    (170 - 175)
    This is my putting putter. I love this for the low profile and ease which they come out of the hand. Nice and stable and drops like a brick, which is perfect for my putting style.
    ESP Zone
    (max wt)
    My putter. If you like a stable putter this is for you, and it is definitely for me.
    ESP and D Banger GT
    (170 - 175)
    My upshot disc of choice. I carry 4 of these in my bag at all times. The Pro D version is for turnovers and soft approaches. Three ESP in varying stages of wear. Mostly used on shots and holes in the 300ft and under range, but can be used for a bit longer if needed. Really like the groove top for hand and thumb placement, it takes one thought out of the way for me.

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