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Z Line Tracker™

The Tracker™ is an Fairway Driver with pinpoint accuracy and superior performance. Displays flight characteristics similar to our popular Buzzz™ midrange, but longer.

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Available in: Z Line

Mark Ellis

"My primary anhyzer driver and for controlled soft tunnel shots. The Tracker is all about control. On most shots, control is much more important than power and the hardest shots to control are tight tunnels and anhyzers. With the Tracker, you don't have to torque on it hard to get it to turn over. I can throw it smooth and flat and it produces a controlled, predictable response."
-Mark Ellis

"This is Discraft's most controllable driver. Great for straight shots, slow hyzers and turnovers. Very predictable, even in moderately windy conditions."
-Peter Wyngaard

Peter Wyngaard
Shane Seal

"Great control driver. I use this disc for anhyzers or flip-hyzer tunnel shots. Really flies like a longer range Buzzz. Predictability keeps this disc a mainstay in my bag."
-Shane Seal

"Great fast slightly overstable disc. This disc is one you can consistently control with. I like it for straight shots, to ones that just slightly fade left."
-Matthew Blakely

Matthew Blakely

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