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Team Discraft's Jared Pittman

Jared Pittman / Team Discraft NAME: Jared Pittman  
HOMETOWN: Rochester, MN
PDGA #: 14976
BORN: 1975
day gig: High School Physics teacher & Cross Country coach
HOT FINISHES: 1st Minnesota Majestic 2015 (M)
There have been many memories throughout the years. There are a few aces and victories that stand out. But probably the biggest is getting a two on one of the toughest holes at Oakwood back in the 2001 worlds. There were very few twos on that hole and I parked it!
Course Comments
Pickard Park
Indianola, IA
One of the most challenging and fair golf courses around.
Highbridge Hills
Highbridge, WI
Both the Granite and Gold courses. Some of the most fun golf I've every played.
North Georgia Canopy Tours
Lula, GA
Had a lot of variety and some of the more unique holes I've played in a while
Wildcat Bluff
Urbana, IA
A very challenging course that will test your patience and your recovery ability.
Waterworks Park
Kansas City, MO
Still one of the most fun courses top play in the Midwest.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
ESP and Z Force
The Force is my main distance driver. I carry around 4 in my bag. I'll have a couple ESP Forces which are a little more understable and will carry for my max D shots. They will also be nice for hyzer flip to flat when I need that line.

I also will have a couple of Z Forces for the more stable work. If it's windy I'll grab my pink force. My Forces have been very predictable and hold up very well under almost all wind conditions. I also use the Z Force for most of my forehand shots.
Z Surge The Surge is my go to driver and has been since they have come out. I will carry anywhere from 3 to 5 Surges depending on the course. I love the Surge because I can do anything with it up to 400 feet. I have stable Z Surges I can throw big hyzers and ones that are in various stages of wear to throw straight or hyzer flip in the woods.

I also have a Surge SS in my bag that I will throw on big anhyzers and for most of my rollers.
Z Predator
The Predator is a great disc. I'll always have 2 of them in my bag at all times. One of them is about 6 years old now and I can get a little more distance with it before it finishes hard at the end still. And then I will cycle through new ones so I always have a super stable one for spike hyzers, tough forehands, skips, grenades, etc. The Predator is a disc that can do it all.
Z Stalker
Stalkers have been a great compliment to my Buzzzes. For me I use the Stalker for anything I would like to throw a Buzzz on, but is just a little bit too far for me to reach with a Buzzz. The flight on a Stalker is darn near identical to my Buzzzes.

I will carry 2 Stalkers with me. One of them stable and one a bit understable for longer straight shots or turnovers.
Z Mantis I really feel in love with the Mantis for throwing anhyzers. With small adjustments in power you can get the Mantis to keep a continual anhyzer flying out to 400 feet or get a nice hard hyzer flip to turnover.
Z Reaper I've had a Glide in my bag since they came out as the Ace Race disc in 2004. I don't throw the Glide in the air much unless I need a shorter hard hyzer flip or shorter anhyzer.

What the Glide is great for is rollers. The Glide makes a great roller, because it goes straight. The edge on the Glide just allows it to go straight for a long time and depending on your angle to either flop down or get a little curl at the end.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
Z Buzzz The best mid-range disc every made! I'll carry 3 to 4 Buzzzes with me depending on the course. A newer one to be stable. All Buzzzes start out the same. Then a couple in various stables of wear to go straight and slightly right.

The last couple of years I have started to sneak a Buzzz OS in the bag too for shorter hyzer and skip shots.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
Z FLX Zone The Zone might rival the Buzzz as the most used disc in my bag. Zone's are my best approach disc and short mid-range disc I can throw. By far the most predictable disc for me. I have a hard time making a mistake with a Zone.

I especially love using the Zone for forehand upshots. It always comes back for me and tends to stick right under the basket with very little skip.
D Challenger My putter of choice! While Discraft makes lots of great putters, the Challenger feels the best to me. The ones I use to put with are very firm and relatively flat. They feel great with a very neutral to slight hyzer flight path on all my putts.

I will also use my Challengers for shorter straight approaches and short straight to turn over drives. I started to even include a Z Challenger last year which I can throw a little bit harder and have it go straight with a soft finish.

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