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Team Discraft's Shane Seal

Shane Seal / Team Discraft NAME: Shane Seal
HOMETOWN: Picayune, MS
PDGA #: 13928
2015 PDGA RATING: 1040
BORN: 1971
day gig: System Engineer, Apple, Inc.
  • 2014 MS State Masters Champion
  • 2014 LA State Masters Champion
  • 2014 So Nationals Masters Champion
  • 2012 So Nationals Open Doubles Champion
  • 2nd, 2007 Southern National Doubles
  • 1st, 2006 Southern National Doubles
  • 2nd, 2003 Southern Nationals
  • 2nd, 2003 Southern Nationals
  • 1st, Capital Classic Ottawa
  • Memorable Disc Golf moment
    Hosting the Southern National Pro Championships at Pearl River Community College, then gaining approval to teach a Disc Golf 101 class there.
    Shane's Disc Golf Tips
    Practice those long putts. Putting uses small muscles at close to maximum output. I like putting at my maximum distance to increase the strength of the small muscles used for putting. Push your range to the limit that you still have good consistent form. Practice at that limit until your strength increases and then move back again and repeat the process.

    Shane Seal / Team Discraft Take time to give back. Help new players to advance without having to reinvent the wheel. Explaining various aspects of the game will also help you to reexamine what you are doing and remind you of some of the mistakes that you have corrected in the past. This helps to keep us from regressing while also helping new players get better.

    Poor practice habits are common among new players is something I see a lot. Everyone wants to go and play rounds, but during a round, you don't practice many different shots. Set aside one day and just practice shots. Work on those anhyzers that are giving you trouble or the forehand rollers for saves. It will make your competitive rounds much more enjoyable.
    Course Comments
    The Canyon
    Brookesville, FL
    This course has great elevation changes, and challenging fairways and greens.
    Original Cameron
    Waco, TX
    I earned my first major win here in 1998.
    Chataqua Park
    Crystal Springs, MS
    Great course design, elevation changes, interesting greens, and fairways.
    Pearl River Community College
    Poplarville, MS
    The host of the SN Pro Championships and located on the beautiful campus of PRCC.
    East Metro Park
    Manor, TX
    Great setting in a secluded area featuring challenging fairways and basket locations. Great mix of par 3,4 and 5 holes!
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Nuke
    (max wt)
    I love the reliability and control the Z Nuke gives me. I typically use this for drives of over 375, but still need to be accurate. You simply can't beat the feel of this disc.
    Z Crank
    (max wt)
    I use this for drives over 400 and where distance is the primary concern. You get this disc at the proper angle and it just goes forever.
    Z Force
    (172 - 174)
    I use this disc for forehand drives or backhand drives that need extra stability. You can throw this into a headwind with confidence.
    Z Stalker
    (172 - 174)
    I love this disc for a fairway driver. It will hold whatever angle you put on it and can still reach pins for me out to around 375 or so.
    Z Crush
    (172 - 174)
    Great stable driver and forehand roller for me. I typically can roll this disc out to 550 or so
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    (176 gm)
    This disc is the best mid range disc I have ever thrown. Whatever line you throw this disc on, you can feel comfortable it will hold it. I am often able to throw this disc off the tee and walk back to my bag without looking at the finish. It is that predictable!
    FLX Drone
    (174 - 176)
    This is my goto forehand disc when I need to shape a shot or need something really stable. Almost no skip and super reliable.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    X Soft Challenger
    I love this disc for putting. With my Ultimate background, I am a spin putter and really like the tackiness/feel of the disc.
    ESP Zone
    I love the stability of this disc as a driving putter/approach disc. The plastic is very durable and holds up well on wooded courses.
    FLX Challenger
    Great disc for shorter holes on wooded courses. The plastic is very durable and provides for a very reliable disc flight for a long time.

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