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Z FLX Buzzz™

More players agree: Buzzz™ is the best golf disc you can buy, period. It's an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and versatile Buzzz™ will hold any line you put it on. Z FLX plastic adds flexibility for all-weather super grip and fewer skips, kicks and bounce-outs.

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Available in:
D, X, Z, ESP, FLX, Z FLX, Ti


Buzzz is verified disc golf ace leader: DiscGolfScene.com reports that of 5,468 aces posted at the site, Buzzz is the most common ace disc, having been thrown for about 1 of every 14 aces!

Nate Doss

"A great choice for accuracy and control in most all situations"
-Nate Doss

Michael Johansen

"Absolutely the best midrange on the market."
-Michael Johansen

Ben Askren

"My favorite disc of all time."
-Ben Askren

Mike Randolph

"Money... plain and simple. It's a thing of beauty."
-Mike Randolph

Brad Schick

"One of the greatest discs ever made!"
-Brad Schick

Larry LaBond

"I love this disc."
-Larry LaBond

Matthew Blakely

"A must in the bag for me."
-Matthew Blakely

Adam Olsen

"I carry five Buzzz's."
-Adam Olsen

Mark Ellis

"Will go straight or hyzer or anhyzer right out of the box."
-Mark Ellis

Liz Carr

"The most versatile disc in my bag."
-Liz Carr

Dion Arlyn

"The king of the midrange line "
-Dion Arlyn

Chris Heeren

"My favorite disc."
-Chris Heeren

Scott Papa

"The greatest midrange that a person can own."
-Scott Papa

Chris Max Voigt

"The Buzzz is unbeatable."
-Chris Max Voigt

Nate Krahn

"The perfect midrange disc"
-Nate Krahn

Sylvain Gouge

"It is straight, long and very accurate."
-Sylvain Gouge

Bert Brader

"The number one midrange."
-Bert Brader

Robbie Bratten

"A super straight flyer."
-Robbie Bratten

Tomas Burvall

"It goes so straight it almost hurts."
-Tomas Burvall

Sarah DeMar

"Everyone I know loves the Buzzz."
-Sarah DeMar

Chris Hysell

"Behaves just like the day I put it into my bag."
-Chris Hysell

Sheila Kirkham

"Totally indispensable."
-Sheila Kirkham

Bryan Moore

"Flies perfectly from day one."
-Bryan Moore

Mike Raley

"The straightest flight I have ever seen."
-Mike Raley

Kirk Yoo

"The best golf disc ever made."
-Kirk Yoo

What will YOU say about the Buzzz????

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