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Team Discraft's Nate Krahn

Nate Krahn / Team Discraft NAME: Nate Krahn  
PDGA #: 29352
BORN: 1986
day gig: Mechanical repair. I work with hydraulic and electrical equipment.
  • 5 2011 wins
  • 1st, 2010 Delaware Challenge A-tier
  • Won four of six Open events played in the first half of 2008.
    My first time going to Sedgley Woods DGC. Me and my friends went out at night and just stood at two baskets and putt back and forth. Another experience was going to Paw Paw and the Grange courses for the first time. There are a lot of the same people who go to those courses. They really know how to ensure you have a good time while you're there and that's what I've discovered for most courses and players.

    Another memorable moment happened at the 2009 USDGC where my friend came down to qualify on Monday. I was already in and caddied for him during his second round to qualify and he birdied his last two holes to get into a 4 way play off for two spots into the tournament. I caddied for him for the playoff holes and watched him and one other guy birdie hole 17 to end and earn a spot in his first USDGC.
    Nate's Disc Golf Tips
    Smooooth It Out
    I still have trouble controlling every shot but I try to control that by being as smooth with my shot as possible. Having a controlled smooth run up, pull back and release have helped me in throwing accurately and further. It's tough to have control over your shot if you're jolty with the drive or upshot.

    Nate Krahn / Team Discraft Cross Step For More D
    The cross step is great because it helps develop a straighter, deeper pull back. Always make sure your pull back is as parallel to the fairway as possible. You can also cock your wrist slightly to have more spin on the disc. I've gone to open fields and just practiced getting a smooth release.

    My Putting Style
    What I have learned from many experienced players is to have a comfortable stance with the lead foot pointed towards the basket. Then I try and keep my arm on a vertical line to not stray from the basket. Sometimes I imagine that my arm is being pulled on a string up and down. Then pick a link on the basket close to the center but a little right and I just try to throw it about shoulder level.

    How To Throw A Forehand
    I start the forehand 'flick' the same way I start a backhand: by standing sideways to the hole. Then line up the shot. When you're first learning, keep it simple and throw some hyzers to learn how the disc flies, for a flick will fade to the right. The flick however requires more spin so start with an understable disc (Avenger SS, Buzzz SS). I try and throw it as straight as possible to start out. More on learning forehand shots...

    I've learned a little about getting out of tight woods and back in the fairway. This trick won't get you up the fairway too far, just about 100 ft at the most if possible. It is a vertical shot that is backhand and thrown upside down with the thumb on the bottom lip. Instead of throwing across the body from shoulder to shoulder, it is thrown upwards and spiked. It is a great trick to save yourself from further strokes. This is called a grenade or scoober.
    Course Comments
    Spotsylvania, VA
    Amazing technical course that doesn't stop improving. long live the Grange.
    Hanover, PA
    Picturesque course with 54 holes. Lots of elevation and woods. Plus an 18 hole mini course
    Maple Hill
    Leicester, MA
    Great challenge of accuracy and distance. World class
    Charlotte, NC
    Amazing course. Wow. From beginning to end this course does not let you sleep.
    Warwick, NY
    Really fun all around course. Two tees and two baskets on every hole. Also has a third course in its backyard called Wolf Woods.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Surge SS
    (173 - 174)
    Pretty amazing disc. Great in the woods and open air. It flies like a really long range Buzzz. It'll fly straight for the bulk of the flight and then hyzer out. My go to disc.
    Z NUKE
    (173 - 174)
    Great long distance disc. Goes straight when thrown hard. Doesn't turn over really except thrown flat or in a headwind. Lots of glide and lots of distance because of this. The rim is a little bigger than the Force but doesn't bother me that much.
    ESP Tracker
    (172+ gm)
    Ever since I started using this disc I've haven't looked back. I like to switch people from their current long fairway driver to Trackers. This disc was my first forehand ace at Iron Hill DGC in DE. Now if you haven't played this course there aren't many chances for a hole in one. So I always try and tell people about this disc. Unfortunately the ESP version isn't made anymore, so if you find one, hold onto it.
    Z Force
    (173 - 174)
    This disc is reliably overstable. I can backhand or forehand a Force without any fear of turning it over. It holds a nice straight line with a hard finish when I fully get into it. It's also good for long simple hyzer shots. The color of the plastic also gives you different stabilities. I've have seen that the orange and red ones are more overstable than a white or yellow. So my red one can be relied upon if there is OB that I need to go over. However you can theoretically get more distance from a white because it will allow you to get more of the disc's glide.
    ESP and Z Predator
    (174 gm)
    Great overstable driver. Most used for spike shots, headwinds and grenades (throwing backhand with thumb underneath the rim). Also a good shot for skipping when thrown flatter. Usually though I like having them dig into the ground when I want it to.
    ESP Cyclone
    (173 - 174)
    I got this disc for the sake of having a Cyclone. I must say that it is one of the nicest fairway drivers in my bag. A little faster than a Stalker but has about the same flight pattern with maybe a slight bit more stability.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    X Buzzz
    (173 - 174)
    Perfect midrange disc. Very predictable, holds any line put on it. This disc is great for slightly hyzering straight shots. It will slowly turn for you and not crash over. It's pretty good for the woods if you don't hit too many trees with it. It's also been good to me for slow fading turnover shots. Doesn't crumble when thrown hard.
    Z Buzzz
    (173 - 174)
    Just like the X Buzzz, this disc is great for straight woods holes. It will hold just about any angle you put it on. If it's a hyzer then it will stay a hyzer and won't crumble if turned over for an anhyzer shot. It's a little more overstable than Buzzz X, so I can really get behind this and it won't turn over too much. Most of the time it hyzers out on me so I know that I can't overpower it on a hyzer.
    Z Wasp
    (173 - 174)
    Holds its stability really well.You can really put some muscle on it and it will hold its line.
    Z Comet
    (173 - 174)
    What a straight flying disc. You can give it some muscle and have it flip just a little but it won't do it quickly. Like I said, it is terrific for flying straight.
    ESP Comet
    (173 - 174)
    This disc is understable for the most part. I can really crank it and it won't ever come back. But if I put too much finesse then it will hyzer out early. I will use this disc for long downhill shots or long up shots. I would only drive this disc if it were a short hole. I'd say about 250ft is the max distance I would try and get out of this disc.
    ESP Drone
    (173 - 174)
    Drone is a Predator in midrange form. Great overstability and speed. This disc will never turnover. I love it.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    X Soft Challenger
    (174 gm)
    I use this disc for my putting and close upshots. I have driven with these before but only when I don't want to use my Comet. I have to throw this disc hard if I want it to turn. Otherwise it will come out of its flight early and hard. it also has a natural glide when put on an anhyzer. This disc can crumble if thrown too hard and without enough hyzer. For the most part a reliable disc.
    X Soft Focus
    (174 gm)
    Good stable putter. I use this for drives mainly. I would say that it is a more stable challenger. This is something I've been wanting in my bag for a while.
    ESP Zone
    (172 gm)
    Awesome disc. like a mini Predator. Used for short hyzer shots and hard straight shots that want to fade at the end. I am comfortable with this disc on shots around 250 feet. You are able to hit this disc hard and not fear it turning.
    X Soft SPX
    (174 gm)
    Put this in my bag because I needed a semi flippy putter. I haven't beat it up yet so it has some stability still. Also good for turning over putts easily.

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