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Z Glo for Golf

Keep the fun going even after the sun goes down! Throw a Discraft GLO disc.

Simply expose your GLO disc to virtually any light source, and feel the thrill of night golf! Glo models include NUKE, Buzzz, Stalker, Comet and Avenger SS. Each is very durable and flies true. Check current order form for additional models.

Discraft reminds all players to use caution when golfing at night and always wear protective eyewear in areas with tree limbs and other potential safety hazards.

Fly Dye™

Let your colors fly! Each Fly Dye™ disc is as unique as you are. These discs are intensely bright and individually hand colored for a one of a kind look. It's truly the Cadillac of disc treatments that you'll enjoy for years. Available on select Z plastic models.

See your local retailer, or contact us for wholesale orders.

Available in a variety of models. For a complete current listing of available Fly Dye models, please download our
stock disc golf order form

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