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Z Lite Crank™

Super fast! Crank hits the sweet spot: it's the best disc a player can find for easier accuracy and big distance. Controllable for ams and pros alike, Crank has a narrower rim than other big drivers, so it fits more comfortably in your hand too.

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Lines: D, X, Z, Z FLX, Z Lite, ESP

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downlead Crank desktop wallpaper
Erik Smith

"Crank achieves max distance easier, however the rim is a lot smaller than other big distance drivers, making it easier to get it on a good distance line. Not sure if this disc is achieving its great distance off glide or speed... seems to have a good deal of both."
-Erik Smith

"Crank has tremendous glide and speed. It flips up nice and slow, and has a slow fade which could make this disc the new record holder for distance."
-Nate Krahn

Nate Krahn
Chase Jernigan

"My go-to distance driver. Such an amazing, dependable driver. Has the flight that goes for miles and has the perfect S-curve you want to get the maximum flight."
-Chase Jernigan

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