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X Line XS™

The XS™ is one of our most popular models, and was the 2001 world distance record holder at 712 feet. Easy to throw, especially for beginner to mid-level players.

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Available in: X Line, Z Line

"The XS used to be my favorite driver for sure. I still have a beat up XS for a roller that will flip extremely quickly. They are not normally flippy rollers out of the box so you can pick up a lot of distance with them and as they get beat up they flip a bit faster."
-Brad Schick

Brad Schick
Chris Max Voigt

The XS is a world distance record setter. In 2001, Team Discraft's Chris Max Voigt threw an XS 712 feet (217.02 meters) for an official WFDF world record.
-Chris Max Voigt

"I can make it do some crazy stuff. Thumbers, rollers, get out of trouble shots and a whole lot more. I recommend everyone have a disc like this."
-Timmy Gill

Timmy Gill

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