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Pro D Crush™

The Crush™ is an overstable distance driver with a wide rim and flat top that delivers superior distance off the tee in almost all wind conditions. Used by many top pros as their main driver, the Crush™ is a very fast disc that finishes with excellent glide.

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Lines: Pro D, Z Line

Crush: voted disc golf's "Best Overstable Driver" by Disc Golf Review

"The Crush fills one of the most important slots in my bag. The Crush is a controlled driver that I use to throw all sorts of hyzers, straight shots, and distance shots with."
-Matthew Blakely

Matthew Blakely
Mark Ellis

"My primary and favorite driver. If I want maximum distance on a shot that I want to hyzer at the end of its flight, I throw the Crush. Powerful, predictable, consistent. The perfect driver for a big power backhand or a forehand thrower."
-Mark Ellis

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