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X Soft Ringer™

Ringer is an excellent choice for an everyday utility disc. The combination of moderate overstability and low profile make Ringer a popular choice for approaches and putts alike in both calm and breezy conditions.

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Available in: Pro D, X Soft

"Ringer features a low profile and great stability that is able to handle the torque of sidearm approaches. If I'm within 150 feet of the pin, chances are I'm using a Ringer. Great for windy days and calm conditions alike, this disc is not easily swayed from its intended path of action"
-Dion Arlyn

Dion Arlyn
Michael Johansen

"I love Ringer for the low profile and ease which they come out of the hand. Nice and stable and drops like a brick, which is perfect for my putting style."
-Michael Johansen

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