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X Soft Banger-GT™

Meet your next putter. If the grip of your putter is important, consider these factors: grippy X plastic, grippy softness, and the grippy Groove Top™, all rolled into one putter. One throw, and you'll be hooked!

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Available in: X Line

"This is the disc for anything around the basket. From 200' and in this is the disc that will put you in the chains. With the groove for that perfect 'lived in' feel and the Soft X plastic this is an extremely comfortable disc. For perfect upshots that stay where you want and putts that grab even the smallest amount of chains this is the disc to help lower your score."
-Scott Papa

Scott Papa
Barrett White

"The feel of the plastic is amazing. For the putts that require a bit more grippiness or touch, or where there is just a hair less margin for error, this is a perfect addition to the bag."
-Barrett White

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