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Z FLX Nuke OS™

Big D for big arms: created for expert players and windy conditions, NUKE OS (Over Stable) is a super fast driver that rewards power throwers with insane distance potential. Will finish on a hyzer even in strong winds, and offers the most dependable consistency of any high speed driver on the market. Z FLX plastic adds flexibility for all-weather super grip and fewer skips, kicks and bounce-outs.

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Available in:
Z Line, Z FLX, Z Lite

Contami NATION

Combine NUKE OS with original NUKE and NUKE SS to tackle any distance driving challenge.

2010 WFDF Distance Champ Dion Arlyn

"Nastiest disc ever. Incredibly quick, incredibly stable. NUKE OS is perfect for when I want to slam it down the fairway and not worry about wind interfering with the shot."
-2010 WFDF Distance Champ Dion Arlyn

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