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Big Z Machete™

The low profile of Discraft Machete is built to slice through headwinds with unparalleled predictability. Use it with brute force to easily manage upwind shots, or more like a scalpel for on-demand placement precision on a hyzer or flex shot. A medium rim gives you more control and excellent hand-feel.

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Lines: Z, Big Z

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downlead Machete poster art

Finally got my review edited correctly! Haha wish Instagram let me do longer videos. Discraft's new Distance Driver, The Machete, is over-stable and ready to slice through your competition. It's rated at 2.2 which is the same as the classic NukeOS and has a very similar flight pattern. The main difference being that the thinner rim allows for tighter lines and slower speeds. I throw a Machete mainly with both overhand shots (Tomahawk & Thumbers) as well as into a headwind with my backhand. It is also very trusty for those flex or skip forehand shots and can be utilized as a great forehand roller. Love this disc and two of them found my bag immediately. 171g First Run Z Machete and a 174-175g TestRun Flex Machete. Go pick up one for yourself and start cutting away at your scores!

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