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Jawbreaker Roach™

A straight flier with extra glide, the Roach™ is crafty in avoiding danger while incessantly pursuing chains. Just point and shoot. It's beadless too and feels great in the hand. Jawbreaker plastic adds good looks and greater grip. Try a Roach on your next approach!

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Available in: Big Z, X Soft, Jawbreaker, Pro D

Discraft Ace Race Disc

Run it! Roach was in the prototype stage when it was thrown and enjoyed by thousands of disc golfers during the 2015 Ace Race.
Now it's available to all disc golfers!

"A pure game changer. These are the perfect approach discs where you want a straight flyer and slow fade at the end, along with the great feel of what a putter should feel like."
-Chase Jernigan

Chase Jernigan
Nicole Adden

"My one and only putter for seeking the chains. A great straight thrower. I love the soft grippy plastic of the X version. I have dry skin and find most putters too slick to grip properly, but the X Soft Roach gives me a great grip, every time, especially in the winter."
-Nicole Adden

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