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Jawbreaker APX

The APX™ rocks! Designed with a special elite plastic that allows for consistent release on crucial putts, it's just tacky enough for perfect grip, and sticky enough to grab the chains. It's perfectly stable too, so let 'er rip on short drives!

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Available in: X Line, Jawbreaker

Voted disc golf's "Straightest Dropping Putter" by Disc Golf Review

"I carry two; one for putting, and one for approaches up to 200 feet. I don't expect a big hyzer out of the APX. This is the most important disc in the bag because without the confidence in the putting game, I wouldn't card any of the great scores and wins that I have."
-Scott Papa

Scott Papa
Matthew Blakely

"Straightest flying putter I've ever putted with... a great disc. It floats a long way with little effort, which makes it great for longer putts especially."
-Matthew Blakely

"The APX is a straight flying, super soft putter that catches excellent. My putting seems a lot more consistent, and with consistency comes confidence"
-Brad Schick

Brad Schick
Liz Carr

"My favorite short-range turnover disc is my Soft APX. The soft plastic feels grippy in my hand and gives me confidence when it gets close to the chains. It turns very easily but flattens out for a soft landing with minimal risk of skipping. I'd recommend this disc to anyone."
-Liz Carr

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